Mt. Yeoseok Ssangpae Nongak Nori

Mt. Yeoseok Ssangpae Nongak Nori
『Mt. Yeoseok Ssangpae Nongak』 is a Nongak-based recreation of the big battle between King Taejo Wanggeon of Goryeo and King Gyeonhwon of Baekje near Mt. Yeoseok located in Wolpyeong-ri, Sinbuk-myeon, Yeongam County, Southern Jeolla Province. It won an award for excellence at the Namdo Cultural Festival.

In Wudo Nongak of Honam there is a saying: "33 Chae (strategies) during the day and 28 Su (tactics) at night." 『33 Chae's』 are battle formations for attacking or infiltrating enemy lines. They can be reproduced today. However,『28』Su's is a kind of war game in which combating forces use different strategies (i.e. battle formations) to disable the commander of the opposing force. Today the original battle formations cannot be found.

『Mt. Yeoseok Ssangpae Nongak』 is a folk play that reinterprets the 28 Su's mentioned in the Wudo Nongak of Honam as a battle between Goryeo and the Late Baekje, and recreates it in the form of the Nongak.

Composition of Mt. Yeoseok Ssangpae Nongak (reconnaissance, advance, close fighting, reconciliation)

  • ① reconnaissance is the process of detecting the movement of enemy lines
  • ② advance is the process of maneuvering to engage enemy lines
  • ③ close fighting is the process of fighting the enemy
  • ④ reconciliation is the process of ending the battle and harmonizing. In this performance the various battle formations and the melodies of Honam Wudo Nongak are reenacted.
    - Performance duration: 30 minutes