Symbol Mark

Yeongam-gun Symbol Mark
The overall shape of the symbol mark is inspired by Mt. Wolchul (one of the representative mountains in Korea), the rich loess, and Lake Yeongsan. The center line represents both the stability and dynamism of the top and bottom. It means pursuit of change and prosperity amid stability. The red rising sun represents the bright future and upward mobility of Yeongam, while the orange hue symbolizes the warmth of its citizens and the clean loess. The dark blue represents the abundant water resources of Lake Yeongsan and the source of life. The green represents lofty ideals and serenity. Together, the components take after Mt. Wolchul which boasts splendid beauty and an indomitable will. The harmony among these four colors dynamically represents the vitality of the natural environment, the enterprising spirit of its citizens, and the upward mobility of its future.

County flower - Ume flower

ume flower
To be the harbinger of spring, the ume flower blossoms in spring snow.
The intention is to draw upon the vitality of the flower to represent the spirit of the citizens, while its concurrent blossoming signifies the blossoming prosperity of the county.

County tree - Zelkova tree

zelkova tree
This is a deep-rooted tree that has been planted next to pavilions since time immemorial.
Its disposition to weather all kinds of hardships and privations symbolizes the citizens' will to succeed while maintaining our cherished traditions.

County bird - Mountain pigeon

Mountain pigeon
This represents the protection of the mountain pigeons that inhabit Yeongam in large numbers, and the citizens desire to seek peace and unity.


The mascot is inspired by the vitality of the ume flower, the county flower. Its' face resembles the eternal moon. Its genial and peaceful image and soft rotundity represents the unity, perennial kindness and unchanging nature of the citizens it represents, while emphasizing their warmhearted friendliness.