pickled shrimps

Tohajeot(pickled shrimps)

Guemjeong Toha Jeot

This Toha Jeot is made by aging the salted fresh shrimps for two months that have been farmed in the natural condition located in the deep mountain area of Guemjeong village. Guemjeong Toha Jeot's great taste is well know to stimulate the taste pallet enough to consume a bawl of rice with just one spoon of the salted shrimps.

Purchase Information

  • Origin : Guemjeong-myeon area, Yeongam-gun
  • Store : Guemjeong Agricultural Cooperative Tel : 061)472-1779
  • Sales Period : All Year
  • Package Set: 420g×1 ech., 420g×2 ech., 500g×1 ech., 500g×2 ech.