Abundant welfare of Youngam for single people, Advanced agriculture in high quality and high income , Welfare administration for hope and delight, Creative economy with vitality , A safe city of comfort and wellbeing, Culture tourism in attraction and grace

Main tasks

Administration for welfare
  • Realization of administration for welfare of all people
  • Construction of the city for lifetime study for the happiness of people
Advanced agriculture
  • Implementation of creative agriculture administration of new growth and high income
  • Expanded production of high quality and safe food stuff
Creative economy
  • Construction of the city of economics for balanced development
  • Construction of the infrastructure attracting the investments from the companies
Culture tourism
  • Fostering the culture tourism industry linked with the income
  • Construction of the culture tourism city with convergence of tradition and history
A city of safety
  • Construction of the safe city for permanent residence
  • Realization of disaster free administration