Doseonguksa and Dogapsa Temple

Dogapsa Temple
Dogapsa Temple is located at the foot of Mt. Wolchul. It is the largest temple in the vicinity of Mt. Wolchul. It is said that this temple was built by Doseonguksa at the end of the Silla Dynasty and prospered in the latter years of Goryeo Dynasty. Originally, it was the site of a temple called Munsusa Temple. Doseonguksa spent his childhood here. Doseon grew up, went to China then returned. When he returned from China, he is said to have erected the Dogapsa Temple at the site of Mususa Temple. Afterwards, two Buddhist monks, Sumi and Sinmi, rebuilt it in the 4th year of King Seongjong of the Joseon Dynsaty (1473). Most of it was burned down during the Korean War, but afterwards it was rebuilt.

The road leading to the temple is very beautiful and the lines of the temple harmonize naturally with Mt. Wolchul especially when the cherry blossoms bloom on the tall cherry trees during springtime. The Doseonsumi Monument was erected in 1653 in memory of Doseon and Sumi. Dogapsa Temple is famous for its lucid spirit. In the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty it won fame for the three Gapsas, but only the elegant and quiet facade remains due to repeated fires. Now it represents the secluded precincts of a temple everyone wants to walk in quietly.